Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slice of Life 3/3

He's passed out again; it is now 4:30AM. I try to shut my eyes and catch some sleep sitting on the couch beside him. It is becoming apparent with each wave of sickness that overcomes his little body that I will not be going into the office as planned in the morning.

We are both in the middle of big projects. We are both needed in the office. Our solution last night was to split the day at home with our baby. I would go to the office in the morning and come at lunch to relieve him to go to the office in the afternoon. It sounded like the answer.

However, when the little one cries out he cries for me. In that moment I decide I cannot leave him. I need to be the one who comforts him. I need to be the one that hovers. I need this more than what I need from work.

As Mitch walks into the living room he asks "Are you going in?"

"No. I'm going to send a note. I can't leave him."

He is concerned. "Will that be OK?"

"Yes. There are others there today that can help."

Lurking within the conviction of my choice is the nagging of not good enough. I've just brought to the table a large project that for all intensive purposes kicked off yesterday. This is something I own and here I am so willing to put it in others hands.

I remind myself you are leaving the project in capable hands. Let it go. You have chosen what will come first in life. Your family. Right now they need you. Let it go.



literacyspark said...

Years from now it's comforting your child that you will remember, not the big project at work. But, I can you already know that. I applaud you!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

Good choice! It's not always easy, but it is what we chose when we put our family first. Hope the little guy feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

you've embraced the guilt free scrapping. now, embrace guilt free mothering. You made a choice that you felt was right. That makes it the right one PERIOD

Love ya chickie,

Bonnie K said...

It's good that you had something in the moment to share. We are feeling your decision!

GirlGriot said...

Definitely sounds like the right decision. Yes, your husband could have split the day with you; yes, you could have put in a few hours of work ... but wouldn't you have been home in your mind and heart the whole time you were away? So much better to be able to hover, to answer when he calls out for you!

Sorry he's still sick. Hope it passes soon.

Jana said...

You did the right thing. Hard as it is to make the call that you won't be in for the day. I made that hard choice today. I feel your pain. We are good mommies.