Sunday, February 8, 2009

LOAD 2/8

Journaling: I was attacked early one morning by my little guy. It must have been triggered by getting ready for Splash Day.

Decided to try my hand at stitching to finish this page. It was actually alot of fun.

I took pictures of the craft room today and hope to post in the very near future. Unfortunately, Panasonic decided not to support pre-Vista drivers so we have not been able to get a video I took of the craft room uploaded to my computer. Since my dear husband says this does not qualify as an emergency I don't get to run out & buy a Flip camera. So, I'm working on putting together a slide show instead.



HappyGirl said...

arghh . . .

savvy layout, mate!

anyone who thinks otherwise should wake the plank!

:) btw: i heart pirates!

The Grounds Family said...

Hey Monica--congrats on the LOM coach spot! See you in class and on 2007 LOM alumni board.