Thursday, February 26, 2009

LOAD 2/26

Two page 12x12



Journaling: When I picked you up from school you were in the mood to take pictures. I put your snack, a cookie that day, in the playroom & we went to the sunroom. You were jumping on the chair & I was snapping away. All of a sudden I watched this unfold through my lens.

Dexter had gobbled up your cookie right before your eyes. This was not the first time we had one of the dogs steal your food. It is actually pretty common around this house. You love them anyway.

This one was so much fun.



lacey said...

HAHA i had to LOL. Oh man, i know all about dogs stealing food, the little piggies :) I loved this LO Monica :)

Lee said...

LOVE this! What a fun layout!

Kyla said...

This one was SOOOO cute! I love the series of photos, along with that cute little story!

Char said...

You can't helping doing the "oooohhhh" with the chuckle. Such a great layout.

Cyn M said...

Monica, I loved this layout! I have to admit that this happens to my little guy all the time! The one dog distracts him and then the other one eats whatever is on the plate on the coffee table! Time and time again! But, he still loves the dogs!
Great story and great layout! Thanks for sharing it!