Friday, January 23, 2009

Working the System: All About Us

So far we've been through an example of Places We Go & People We Love; here is All About Us.

I've mentioned that one of my favorite things about the Library of Memories is that you are able to go through your storage binders and be inspired by your pictures to tell your story. Cool thing is the reverse is also true. I had a story to tell that wasn't documented with a photograph. However, since I have my pictures printed I was able to go through my binders and find some pictures that would help me illustrate my story. So fun!!!

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Journaling: Tonight we were going to find you a new calendar for the playroom. You had been playing all day in summer clothes and this excursion out of the house called for a change into sweat pants, super hero t shirt and transformer zip up jacket. I can barely get you to brush your hair for school so there was no way you were going to for a trip to Target.

None of this phased me until we were walking in and I saw a child who was groomed. A wash of guilt swept over me that I don’t push these issues with you. That at times you look unkept because the truth is I’m not dressing you. You are. When I felt the squeeze of your hand I realized you were skipping. You were completely unaware that I was second guessing my parenting decisions.

In a split second a wash of relief came over me. You are a happy kid. Quickly I was reminded this is


You may not be groomed kid but your confidence is sky high. You are the kid who wears his Superman costume to Target. You are proud that you are capable of dressing yourself. I’m guessing grooming will matter someday but by then your inner beauty & strength will be shining through and the rest won’t matter. Already my little one people are drawn to you because you are a happy kid.

Sara asked a great question the other day: I'm wondering whether you'd recommend the class for someone who's read the book and started to implement its ideas without the class.

My answer is absolutely yes.

I think the book is a wonderful companion to the class. When I took the class last year the book came out during our first few weeks. It was very nice to have those extra visual illustrations. The book provides a high level overview of Stacy's system. The class gives you all the behind the scenes details. Here is a shot of my binder from class. I used an American Crafts Modern Album 8.5x11 and pretty much filled it up.

In addition, you get to ask Stacy any questions you have about the lesson & system. There will also be a team of coaches to assist in answering questions and give various perspectives on the system. You will also have Alumni in the class like myself that are working the system.

In past years Stacy has had a policy that Alumni are able to sign up for the class for two classes after their initial class for free. I believe she does this because you are not expected to implement and master the system your first go around. She mentions that it took her years to get to this point; don't expect to get it done overnight. I have no idea if this will continue to be an option.

So, if this is a change you want to make I think signing up for the class is a win-win even if you have the book and are already on board.

If you'd like to peek at my first year of class here are some posts that have content intertwined.

My room is a wreck and has not been functioning so my first task today is to regroup in the studio and then get some scrapping today.

If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment!



Sara said...

Thanks for answering my question. I'm on the fence for taking the LOM class this year since I'm interested in trying to take the BPS photography class offered later this spring (and I think taking both might be a bit too much). But, I've been in a bit of a scrapbooking rut and think if I got beyond just the storage binders and into the category drawers with some helpful hints from Stacey and others, life might be a bit better. We'll just have to see how ambitious I am. Thanks again! :)

Laura said...

I have a question about your album. I was looking at scrapbooks at Hobby Lobby. I saw the American Crafts modern album. It had gray on the front. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to cover it with paper or just leave it that way or what. You mention that yours is a A.C. modern album. Can you tell me about yours? Thanks so much! I am trying to implement Stacy's system this year. Your posts have been helpful and encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica.....I have just come across your blog and can I just say I LOVE it! I think I'll be a regular visitor. Secondly, I had just signed up for LOM this year and any doubts over whether I'd made a good decision have been squashed by reading your experiences with this path. It is a big investment....especially for an Aussie (our dollar isn't buying much in the way of US dollars at the moment!) but I think that if it helps me as much as it seems to have helped you then it will be money well spent. It is great to hear from someone who's living and working the system. Thanks so much for sharing your story of LOM.
Anita. xxx

HappyGirl said...

so very sweet. love the journaling. love the photos. love that it went together so well for you. :)

sooo . . . i'll need to get a binder for the lom stuff, eh? i should have thought of that!

happy scrapping.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Monica, I love this page. I love that you are confident in letting Garrett develop his own style and play dress-up all day long. Sometimes we go shopping with Abigail still in her jammies because that's truly what she wants to wear that day, and sometimes I wonder if I'm encouraging her or spoiling her.

And to answer Laura's question (for myself anyway): I use the AC modern albums and I don't cover mine. I may eventually do a title on the cover, but otherwise I like them the way they are. I'd rather spend my creative time on the layouts than on the cover of an album that is in flux. If it was a theme album, I'd possibly feel differently.