Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

and somehow its been about a week since I've really blogged.

I think it may have started with this fantastic box of goodies I received from Celeste. There was so much great product that I didn't know where to put it.

So, I started with tidying up my craft room which quickly evolved into a complete reorganization that didn't end until Sunday night. I promise to post pictures as soon as I catch up to my life. Mix in some busy times at work, a sick child and weird weather and I ended up disappearing for awhile.

I have managed to keep up with my 365 project but let yoga fall off the map this last week. Which I actually, oddly enough, think contributed to my difficulty in finding my rhythm in life. But, I got back on the mat this morning and am looking forward to a great weekend.

I've gotten the question in a couple of different places as to whether or not I will be enrolling in the 2009 Library of Memories session.

I am so excited to say that yes I will be in class and I will be one of the Coaches! So, if you've enjoyed the series on the Library of Memories expect more to come with lots of hand holding during class.

Here is a fun little tag I responded to over on Facebook that I thought I would share with you guys. If you would like to play along consider yourself tagged!

So here are another 25 random things about me ... thought you should know ...

1. I have an aversion to feet; I think they are gross. You can easily make me squeal if you threaten to touch me with your feet.

2. There is one exception to number one above. I love Garrett's feet. I love to photgraph them, kiss them and hold them.

3. I met my husband through a set up. He says that if he had remembered that he was being set up he would not have shown up.

4. After we initially met we saw each other every day for two weeks straight.

5. A bad habit I've carried from childhood is eating my hair.

6. There was a short period in my life where I would run 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles in the afternoon.

7. I have scars on both my knees from falls while either holding Garrett or strolling Garrett. In both instances Garrett was not hurt.

8. I am a bag feign. Currently I am obsessed with buying reusable lunch bags.

9. I have a very strong intuition and follow it often.

10. I never meant to be a CPA or practice International Tax; I kinda fell into it all.

11. My favorite class in college was my one Sociology class.

12. Now that I've actually gotten to know myself I should have studied Graphic Design.

13. I am not a social butterfly. I am a homebody.

14. I go to bed early & easy but don't do very good sleeping uninterrupted for very long.

15. My first concert was New Kids on the Block.

16. My first favorite band was Cowboy Junkies.

17. I enjoyed turning 30; I felt like I had earned it.

18. Through personal experiences I've learned that unless you've walked in someone's shoes you should reserve judgement and only practice empathy.

19. I have an identifiable laugh.

20. In the first grade my nun gave me the nickname Monica the Motormouth.

21. I love my life.

22. I cry at cheesy commercials and during dramas on television.

23. My husband is my best friend. He knows all my dirty little secrets and still loves me.

24. I love Spring & Fall.

25. I'm very insecure.



Noreen Smith said...

Will you be my coach? Puh-lease?! Glad to hear we'll get to take a class together again. I rrgistered as soon as I saw it up on BPS and I can't wait. I had started to implement a few of the ideas after reading Stacy's book, but I know I will get so much more from the class than just the book.

See you on the message boards!

lacey said...

congrats on being a coach for lom! :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats Coach! See you on the MBs and in the gallery.

Regarding your previous post: stunning photo. My little whirlwind turns 3 next week. Oh how quickly the time is passing.

-LOM08 Alumnus

Gina said...

Wow you are going to be a coach? That is a HUGE commitment isn't it? Are you ready for that? And during tax season? You go girl! I'll be there with bells on! Great blog!