Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Quilting Adventure an Unfortunate Turn

I left you Christmas Eve with the quilt being pieced together.

Perhaps if I had taken the time to snap a picture of it all pieced I could have averted my mishap. You see the last three rows were pieced together incorrectly and my pattern was messed up. Unfortunately, I didn't see this until after I had cut most of the quilt. I've let days pass because I've been trying to decide whether I leave it or try to fix it.

I wish this was all there was but in a few places my seams are coming unraveled because I cut too close. Warning, don't cut too close to the seams. I've never had this happen before but I think I can just go over the seam again and it should be fixed.

My objective today is to get the quilt mended, fringed, washed & delivered.

If you do not have any of the above mishaps then the below are your next steps.

1) After all your rows are pieced together you will sew around the outside parameter of the quilt twice. See the two lines in the below pictures.

2) Where the seam is open flat you will want to cut the flaps open. Careful not to cut too close.

3) Where you have little squares at the intersects you will cut them out. Here is where I cut too close and seams have come undone.

4) On the outside borders you cut the fringe. You will also cut the same fringe on the flaps you cut open.

Now that you know not to cut too close to the seams my only other warning is that this is very messy.

I will be back later today to show the quilt frayed ready for washing and the finished product.


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krista said...

look at you crafty girl-I wish I could come and take lessons from you!!! I'm actually in the process of deciding whether or not to buy a sewing machine-I don't have a bone in my body that would know what to do with it though:) :) I really want to start using it in my cardmaking and scrapbooking. Maybe I could even advance myself to quilts someday:)