Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Beginning: 170.1
Gain/(Loss): (.4)
Total Gain/(Loss): (7.1)

The candy must leave my house.

I'm having a really hard time being active in my weight loss. But Mitch is talking about rejoining the gym so perhaps his good example will give me the push I need. I am happy about breaking through to a 7lb loss but don't feel like its real since I'm not actively working towards this.

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Lacey said...

hey you :) weight loss is a everyday battle. It does take commentment, and when you feel its the time then the struggle won't be so hard- just remember, its a life change. Set a goal to lose 1 or 2 lbs a week. Remember the 80/20? 80 % good 20 % indulge. Moderation. I've been working on my weight- with a trainer for the past 4 weeks- i've only lost 8 lbs but a ton of inches. I hate working out, and some days its like pulling teeth to get my butt up and work out for an hour or 2- depending on the day..but afterwards, its like ok so it wasn't so bad..then the cycle starts all over again. I have a feeling though- its starting to become a part of my life, a habit just like brushing my teeth. If you don't have an hour, thats ok, 20-30 min a day will add up. If you go longer, you'll get results quicker. But look at this way, if you're active, its good for you :) pat yourself on the back for the weight you HAVE lost and keep moving. Make it fun so it doesn't seem like a chore. Go to the gym (most have childcare-might be fun for your son to play with other children?)with your husband- believe me, its such a motivator(even though it feels as though i'm the biggest person there- which isn't true, that I know), and its feels good to have accomplished something good for my body and my soul. I have lost lbs and inches but i have gained a stronger mind and body. Keep it up chicka :)PS- i'm in Bend OR now-