Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pause Today

to experience your blessings and give thanks.

Yesterday Garrett & I had a full day preparing our home for family & friends to come and share the Thanksgiving Holiday with us. I took a deep breath when I realized that my son had woken up extra sensitive that morning and the day was going to prove difficult.

As I was passing through our sunroom I heard this little voice and glimpsed my little rocker playing to an audience only he could see. Not only was he singing but was introducing his songs. I'm really not sure where he has learned to do this maybe its just in his core. Anyway, I snuck quietly to the craft room and grabbed my camera. Here is what I caught.

Lately, Garrett has not been a fan of my camera but today he asked for it. I'd like to think he was so comfortable being his authentic self that he was ready to be celebrated. This was the closest to a posed shot I got and that is only because he happened to look at the camera.

So, as my little man rocked I snapped away.

As my family sleeps and I think of the big task list ahead of me this morning I am making a committment to myself to pause today to experience my blessings and give thanks. Today is not about the perfect meal, hostess or home. It is about looking around us in wonder of all the Lord has blessed us with be it big or small.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Lee said...

It's the little wonders that make it all worth while. Hope you're enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving :)

Kyla said...

What a hoot! Your little guy looks like a PRO! Watch out world!

It's so nice to capture moments like these. They're by far the best gifts.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!