Sunday, November 2, 2008

"I Didn't Know She Had Chocolate"

Without a doubt, my favorite overheard of Halloween said by Garrett's best buddy Jensen after he opted out of a house because he was so tuckered out. And yes, Jensen quickly jumped out of his mother's arms to go collect his chocolate. We had four boys who for the first time were able to anticipate trick or treating. It was a blast watching them enjoy it so much.

Garrett had a fun filled Halloween. He started with a party at school then got picked up early to go to Daddy's Halloween Party at Southwest Airlines. Unfortunately he fell asleep in the car so a very groggy Garrett was overwhelmed by all the adults in costume. Once we found the bouncy houses he was in his element and ready to party.

We got home with enough time to rest with Granny & Papa before it was time for the big Trick or Treat.

Garrett & Jensen Our wonderful neighbors
My little guy

The whole gangOur Crew

Garrett completely tuckered out.

Lucky for me he was all ready for snuggles.


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