Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tag You're It

So, my fun Canadian friend Lee has tagged me so here we go.

The Rules:

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3. List 6 random things about yourself
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Six Random Things About Monica

1. I remember having a conversation with Mitch about 2 years ago where I was wondering what everyone was looking at on the internet that could take so much time. As little as a year ago, I was oblivious to this blogging, online class world. I had no idea all of this was out here. This is my Freshman year on the internet.

2. The piano that sits in my living room was bought for me when I was a baby. My mother watched The Entertainer and wanted her daughter to play the piano. In Austin I took piano lessons from Mrs. Baker and refused to learn sheet music. I would ask her to play something and then imitate. She caught on and forced me to read the sheet music. Still I refused to learn my left hand I believe that is the base clef. She caught me again and finally after starting over twice I learned to read both hands. Good thing because in the seventh grade at the children's mass the choir director asked if anyone could play the piano. I volunteered and played for the church through my junior year in college. Yes, I can still play but I'm very, very rusty and all you'll get out of me is church music and sappy 90's love songs.

3. My favorite class at Texas A&M was my sociology class focused on women. I loved writing my final paper which I am proud to have gotten an A on. I love to study behavior, patterns, cause and effect. This has stayed with me and I suppose contributes to my absolute enjoyment of Eleanor Roosevelts Biography (I will soon be starting Volume II) and for my love of Rain of Gold.

4. I am terrified of snakes. One of my most vivid memories of childhood is my grandmother saving me from a snake. When I was little, I would spend two weeks with my grandparents in South Texas. My grandfather was a ranch hand so we were out in the country. Since there was not any AC I would spend alot of time outside reading in a hammock. One afternoon there was a snake under my hammock. Hearing my terrified screams my grandmother came running out with a hoe and chopped off the snakes head. She was a fiery lady who showered me with love. But I understand she was not a woman you wanted to cross. I've been told I have her eyes that have the same fire when I'm angry.

5. I love to move furniture. Heavy furniture, by myself. I get it in my head that a room needs a new look and off I go. I don't wait for help or permission. This is something I've inherited from my other grandmother. She & I share the same perspective of self reliance and gumption to accomplish whatever we set our mind to. She & my grandfather raised seven children and put all of them through private school with only an elementary level education.

6. I met my husband through informal match making. In the Spring of 2000 I was interning at Arthur Andersen in Dallas. I made a friend also interning from UT and introduced her to a friend of mine from A&M interning at Alcatel. Through dating him, she met Mitch who was interning at Alcatel. She told me that she met a guy that she knew I would like. She had told Mitch that she was bringing a friend of her to Humperdinks to watch the Stars game and meet him. He says, if he had remembered this, he would not have gone. (Priscilla and I were night and day. Let's just say when we hung out it was me making sure she didn't get into too much trouble) Lucky for me he forgot and he showed up. We hit it off and hung out every day for two weeks straight. We each liked each other but thought the other only wanted friendship. Glad we cleared that up........

Thanks Lee - that was fun :) I now tag Lori, Missy, Ruth, Kyla, Deanna, & Kim.



Lee said...

That was GREAT, so nice to learn more about you :) Freshman, eh? You're a quick study, for sure!

Kyla said...

Hi Monica! I just got my post up. Thanks for the fun "tag"!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Thanks for tagging me! I haven't done this before. My post is up now.

Kim said...

I've posted my six random things!