Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How is it possible to have your heart soar and break within an hour?

Tonight Garrett was playing over at Jensen's and Kathy mentioned that they sent home a book with Garrett to read to us. I was shocked. I didn't realize we were at this point. I am pleased that Garrett knows his alphabet & letter sounds and am not worried about when he will or will not read.

Shortly after, Garrett came flying through the living room and with sheepish pride showed me his book. Both he & Jensen called it rhyming. Then to my amazement Garrett read me this story.

I was speechless. I just kept smiling at my little guy. I am so proud of him. I am excited. Both Mitch & I are avid readers and Garrett has always loved to have books read to him but this was him reading. Wow.....

We walked home and as soon as we hit the door Garrett asked if tomorrow was a home day. I explained to him that we had three more school days and the why's started coming at me. We ended with me explaining to Garrett that Mommy needed to go to work so Garrett needed to go school. He responded with "I don't want Mommy to go to work. I want to have a home day with Mommy."

Oh my goodness, in a matter of 30 minutes my heart went from soaring to breaking.

After I read Garrett his Scooby Doo book I asked him if he wanted to read Mommy the yellow book. And he did. He read it to me twice and then we looked at the pictures.

Oh my goodness, in a matter of 30 minutes my heart went from breaking to soaring.

Garrett at school is a good thing. He is growing as a little person because of the activities, adults and peers he is exposed to everyday. Would I love more time at home with him? Absolutely.

But I'm going to be honest here. I sincerely do not believe that I would be as engaged as a mother if I was at home with him full time. I am simply not that unselfish to focus on him 100% of the time everyday.

I hold mother's who stay home with their children full time in high regard, along with educator's we entrust our children to and mothers who work outside the home. We are all touching these precious lives everyday.

I am so proud of my son tonight.


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