Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was having one of those mornings where nothing felt right or good. I wasn't clicking with my world much less engaging in the present moment. There was no reason for me to be harboring selfishness, frustration or anger but there I was mistreating my family.

I was short, impatient, less forgiving than usual with my son and whining to my husband about the need for my own time and couldn't stop myself. But then, I did. The feelings didn't leave but I at least recognized that I was taking it out on the wrong people for the wrong reason.

I called my husband to apologize & before I dropped off my son we had the following conversation:

Me: Garrett Mommy needs to apologize to you.
Garrett: Why?
Me: Well, Mommy was not always nice this morning.
Garrett: Silly voice that appears when he is uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond.
Me: Do you forgive Mommy?
Garrett: Yes
Lots of hugs and kisses before he gets out of the car.

I then got an email from my best friend about 900 miles away and felt even more sorry for myself that while we are still close there is nothing that can replace the ordinary, everyday interactions that we shared and bonded us to each other. I called her, got voicemail and was at the point of tears but still determined to try, at least try, to shake this off.

I was looking at my BPS classmates postings of their daily pages and connected when someone shared they had a tough day and were struggling with being in the present moment. I left a note thanking them for honesty and letting them know that is what I needed today. To know that I was not alone.

And that was all it took; my mood lifted. Then this same wonderful lady sent me a fantastic note that brought me back to where I needed to be.

Encouragement of others is something I try to send out in this world and when I receive it I am always moved in such a way. There needs to be more random acts of kindness. Give a smile, hold a door, say hello. Be kind to someone; it may be just what they need at that particular moment. How amazing that we have the ability to help one another in the daily walk with the smallest acts.

I do believe my day prepared me to come across this young family who has experienced hardship recently. If you read the ladies to the left then you may already be familiar with their story. If not, the parents of four young children were in a small plane crash recently & have been severely burned. The mother is a crafty blogger & seemed to be engaging in present moment living with her family. My heart goes out to them, their children and their family. I've spent some time reading about their story and ask that you keep their recovery in your prayers.

I pray that if I engage in my everyday life, both the good and bad moments, then perhaps I will be prepared when my character is tested.



Deanna said...

I'm struggling with the present moment thing too. I thought it would be so easy and it's not. I'm trying to remember I can start over each minute. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I give you props for recognizing where you were this morning and not 2 days from now. I think it takes character to recognize it and apologize. We all have those days, question is what do we do with them. The present moment is really the only one you can change effectively.
Lisa P
PS reminds me of a devotional that was recommended to me that I am going to buy - Just enough light for the step I'm on. Sounds perfect.

Lee said...

Sorry you are having a crummy day. Welcome to the human race!! There are way more crummy or just regular moments than those to celebrate. I think the idea of living in the moment is so that you give the proper "weight" to each - good and bad. Don't be too hard on yourself. You did what you could. And, Deanna is right, you can start over each minute. Thank goodness :) Here's to a better tomorrow!

HappyGirl said...

wow . . . what a post! there aren't even words to say how it touched me. thank you for being so genuine.

i apologized to my four year old a few days ago. it's so humbling to be forgiven by those little bodies, isn't it?

saner4 said...

Thanks for being so honest in your post. I was having an off day yesterday as well.
I read about that family yesterday. My heart goes out to them (and prayers). It really made me stop and think about there not being any guarantee about what tomorrow holds for me or any of us. It made me think that I need to "Make today count" and make sure those that I love know it. My family knows, but I want to make a mini book about how much I love them and what I love about them - something tangible they can hold just in case...