Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Heart Still Hurts

I was listening to the radio this morning while getting ready for work and was reminded of today's date. This song by Alan Jackson is one that I most identify with this tragedy in our American history.

I was a recent college graduate working in Downtown Dallas. I had taken the bus downtown that morning and walking to my desk I passed by the breakroom & saw a group of people watching the television. The first plane had hit and at that point everyone thought it was a horrible accident.

I set up my computer and went back to see if there was any news. Unfortunately I witnessed the second plane hit and was shaken to my core. Once everyone got their head around what had happened our partner walked through the group telling everyone to go home. At this point nobody knew how vast the planned attack was and we were sitting in the tallest building in downtown. Shortly thereafter an announcement was made that they were evacuating the building.

The buses were packed and the highways jammed. Everyone was trying to get home and scared to death.

Mitch was still at A&M and I didn't have a roommate so I went home and sat in front of the TV crying all day long. In fact, I think this is about all I did the following weeks. He came down that weekend so I wouldn't be alone. As many Americans did we hung an American flag in my one window in my apartment.

The eerie quiet that came over our country was an all too familiar feeling; I had first met that quiet in 1999 while a student at Texas A&M during the Bonfire tragedy.

Both experiences in my personal history have brought heartache and disbelief. In 1999 I could not believe that tragedy came about without reason and in 2001 I could not believe there was such evil in this world. Before September 11, 2001 most Americans of my generation were sheltered from seeing evil first hand and worrying for their personal safety while at home.

The only reason any of us have enjoyed this freedom are because of the men & women who protect us daily without the appropriate thank you. While I was driving to work this morning I heard this song and overcome with emotion began singing along and crying.

So today let's take example from both of our candidates for President and put politics aside. Today I will remember that there is evil in this world and say Thank You to those who protect me & my precious family everyday at the sacrifice of their own.

Today my heart still hurts and I still hang my flag with pride along with my neighbors.



Stacey: Two Writing Teachers said...

Thanks for this remarkable post.

Anonymous said...

I will also never forget where I was when I watched the second plane hit. I was holding my 13 month old daughter full of questions about the world she will grow up in.... But in the end I know - Yes, there is evil in this world, much evil. But my God is bigger than that evil and my children are in His capable hands.

Here's to never forgetting 9/11, all those everyday heroes that protect us from harm and that God is ALWAYS in control.
Lisa P