Monday, August 4, 2008

In Conversation

As I suspected on Saturday night Mitch & I spent Sunday getting ready for the week......which is going to be a busy one. I'm going to try very hard not to neglect the blog but to be honest, I'm getting hit on the work & home front.

So, on Sunday, while I'm diligently de-hairing the house and attempting to get our kitchen floors to look white again Garrett follows me around asking "Who is coming to our house?" I really had to chuckle because last week a good friend of mine was asked the very same question. I explained to Garrett that no one was coming and Mommy was just doing her chores.

However, we did end up having company that night. The Schribs joined us for dinner and while their son was eating a sandwich and Garrett was eating chips & queso Mitch asked him if he would like a sandwich. Which then led to the statement sandwiches make you bigger. My son responds " I just like junk food." I busted out laughing and of course that embarrassed him and led to tears but I couldn't contain my reaction to his honesty.

Eating is a struggle we have had with Garrett since baby food. There are a few foods the child will eat and they are not all junk food but his arena is limited. We make slow steady progress in our own time. We did try to force his hand at one point and that got us nowhere. I suppose as long as the pediatrician isn't concerned I shouldn't be either.

I stepped on the scale this morning to peek and no movement even though I know I'm making better food choices. It was enough to get me out the door at 5:40 to go walk 2miles. I'm getting too old to lose weight without exercising so I just jumped in.

Have a great day!

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