Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blessed Beyond Measure (Edited)

because of moments like this

Garrett: Mom, you gotta watch us wrestle.

First we take off the pillows, right Dad?

Dad: Right. I am Kerchak

Garrett: No dad, you can’t be Kerchak you need to be a bad guy.

Dad: I’m the Shocker.

Garrett: When I say you can’t be the Shocker you just got to be a bad guy. OK?

Peeouu (The sound that is made during the pillow fight)

Garrett: Mom I need the Superman cape on.

Cape on

Dad: It's Superboy.

Garrett: It's wrestling Superboy.

Dad: OK stop looking at your shadow.

Heya (The sound made while kicking)

Dad: Where are you going?

Mom: I'll be right back.

Dad: Oh you're getting your camera.

Mom: Of course I am.

Edit: I read this back this morning and realized I left too much unsaid. What I love about the interchange last night was that Garrett shows more of himself to us everyday. Last night he wasn't being sassy when he was directing us. His tone was purely instuctional; he was clarifying his world. I admire that he has all these stories in his head and I love that we get to make them come to life for him in play. Earlier that night he ran up to me and informed me that he was going to play raining with his superheros and he was going to get his umbrella. We then watched him carrying his supermen around under his umbrella and we couldn't help but chuckle. Mitch said it best "It's your world kid." I'm just so blessed that I get to join in.


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