Monday, July 14, 2008

Not the Brightest Lightbulb

This morning I believe I had one of my all time best "Really?" moments. This is absolutely up on the list with the day in early elementary school where we wore uniforms with our gym shorts under our jumpers and would slip off our jumpers for gym UNLESS you forgot to put your shorts on that day. Too bad I was standing in line in the front of the classroom before I realized I was only in my panties. Or in junior high when I entered the cafeteria for lunch with my shirt on backwards. Which wouldn't be so bad except it was junior high and you are desperately trying to be cool.

Yes, this morning has made my list. It started so happy because in spite of a rocky start Garrett and I were going to leave the house on time which meant I would be on time for work. We had arms loaded and were walking out the door when I realized I couldn't find my keys.

It took only a split second to replay the memory of me getting in Mitch's car and "placing" my keys in the little cubby on the passenger's door. It all made such sense at the time. We were on our way to my company's picnic and I had to run inside to get Hoppy. Since I didn't have a purse only a diaper bag I thought, oh this is a good place for the keys. Really Monica? REALLY!

So, I had the pleasure of calling my poor, patient husband while he was already at work that my keys were in his car. I am in great awe of his control. He only asked once, very calmly "Why did you do that?" and then said he was on his way home. What a cool husband to just let that one go!! So, thank you honey for not zeroing in on what a bonehead move that was and just simply coming to our rescue.

I just learned at dinner that when I called Mitch at 8:30 he had a 9:30 meeting to get back to. WOW WOW, that is the ultimate understanding husband. He didn't even mention it until I was thanking him tonight for being so nice about it all and asked if he had to tell anyone about what I did. He said "No, I made it back in time for my 9:30 meeting. "

Shifting gears, here are the results of the weekend. I spent a fair amount of time crafting but I still don't feel like I accomplished a bunch. I think it has to do with the fact that Law & Order was on in the background and I just can't NOT watch.

I decided to work on an unfinished project from my Library of Memories (LOM) Class which is discussed in Photo Freedom.

During one of my mother in laws visits she was surprised to see me throw away an old candle jar and not repurpose it. That stayed with me and I decided this time, when I finished my candle to create my Start Here Jar. This fun little jar serves as a guide when I only have 15 minutes to spare. Each popsicle stick has a task associated with LOM that I can focus on in small chunks. The thought behind it is that you can accomplish alot in several little spurts.

All I did was pull out a scrap of paper that made me happy and used some American Crafts rub-ons to spell Start Here. I also added some stiching rub-ons on each side of Start Here. I used tape adhesive to cover the old candle label and to adhere the ribbon on the top.

It's a little hard to tell but Garrett and I mixed blue and red to make purple and then painted the sticks. In order to write on them I went ahead and made a little spot with Vanilla paint. I used my American Crafts Slick Writer for the writing.

I went ahead and created another layout for Stacy's Challenge #2 because I realized I had not followed directions. We were supposed to use only one picture to capture a Summer 2007 memory. The "through the lens" is from Designer Digitals, Ali Edwards and I used the American Crafts Slick Writer to add the date to the picture.

Here is a closer up view of the journaling. Not sure if you can read so it says "It's amazing what I get see through the lens. This is my favorite from the summer because you'ld never know you are in the middle of a group. I love that we can have a shared moment through the lens. Here you are frozen as you are in my mind's eye. 07-12-08

Garrett and I spent some time at Target on Saturday because I was looking for these letters. They are just so cheerful. In my Have More Fun class they are part of the banner in our virtual classroom. Since I've learned my handwriting can be hard to read sometimes it says "If you obey all the rules you miss all the FUN" Katharine Hepburn.

There is a story about this visit to Target that I really need to post. I was telling my old neighbor from KY and it seemed to really give her a glimpse into who Garrett & I are today.

So, here is layout from Have More Fun, Friday Freedom. Our assignment was to use a silouhette in a layout, to doodle and keep it fun. Well, I kinda used a silouhette and barely doodled. But, this was very different for me and so I think I still got something out of it. The quote bordering the picture says "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." JM Barrie

The layouts in our class gallery on this challenge are truly amazing. Unfortunately, it did not come very easy for me so it came out kinda chaotic but I'm OK with that.

The journaling was prompted by my thinking about Stacy, our teacher, asking us to define Fun. I decided that these thoughts I had were something good to pass on to Garrett. The journaling got a little corny at the end but I guess that is me trying to keep it fun! I know, I know that is why I'm taking this class :)

Here is another assignment from Have More Fun. We were using paper strips as ribbon. I decided to piece them together and make one big ribbon. I inked the edges of some of the strips. Finally used my Heidi Swapp ghost letters (yellow) and stapling them worked just fine. I outlined them with my American Crafts Slick Writer to help them stand out. I also outlined the picture with my slick writer to give it some definition. The journaling simply says "Garrett's Favorite Color is" The picture is from the day Garrett and I made new crayons out of old broken ones. It was fun to use the picture out of context.

That is all for now but hopefully I'll have more crafting goodness soon. I have a few more assignments to play with for Have More Fun.



lacey said...

Wow you've been a busy girl! One of these days, i am going to get better at using my time wisely and getting a schedule set so i can start creating and having some FUN! Speaking of fun, where in Target are those letters?

Carrie said...

Woo hoo - you go girl! :) Nice l/o's! I must look for those letters at T - what section did you find them in? I like what you did with them!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

You are on a roll with our FUN class! I love seeing all your work, er play . . . :-) see ya in class! ~april