Thursday, March 20, 2008


this is the reason I have not blogged.

I am a woman obsessed. All right, it's out there. Once the infatuation with sorting, deleting, printing and filing my pictures has passed I will hopefully become a regular blogger.

I have traded my Photography class for a Scrapbooking class. I am participating in Stacy Julian's Library of Memories at Big Picture Scrapbooking. LOVE IT! For my scrapping counterparts you must check out her new book Photo Freedom. I say must because this is all I will be talking about as I am a woman obsessed.

I am very excited that the number of pictures in PSE has declined despite the fact that in this process I am still taking more pictures. Its pretty amazing that while new pictures I still have removed 500 or more redundant and/or plain bad pictures. Since this is my soap box I will also mention that I actually have all of the Garrett pictures from 2005 in photo albums that we are now able to enjoy. Remind me to tell you the avocado story. I've also sorted, printed and put in albums all of our 2008 pictures. I know you are thinking this is only 2 1/2 months but my favorites, not all, came to a mere 281! (that was after Mitch coached me into reducing the 398 favorites I had selected)

OK- since all I can think of are pictures this is what I will share today. Here is a beautiful little girl. Cyndy and her daughter joined Garrett and I at the zoo last weekend and I was able to catch the morning sun on her daughter as Garrett was checking out the Penguins. Cyndy and I reconnected recently and its such a joy to hang out at this stage of our lives. She had the pleasure of knowing me as an intern at Andersen and Mitch & I as a dating couple. Strolling through the zoo with our children was a nice fast forward.

Speaking of the Zoo here is my pride and joy "talking" to the animals. Garrett informed me that he was chatting with the animals. My poor child; he had to find a way to spice up the chimps since we see them almost every other weekend when the weather starts to turn nice!

Because there are some of you who don't want to see only pictures of children (Yes, Diane, there are those people) Here are some scenery shots. We hit the Dallas Zoo North at 9AM so we got some beautiful sun in the morning. I have to say I love going to the zoo as much if not more than Garrett. On a Saturday morning, after a week of work it calms me. I love how the sun is making a cross in this picture.

This is at the Dallas Zoo South after lunch and was only taken because Garrett pointed it out as beautiful. I must agree with him and am so glad he already appreciates the beauty in nature.

And now for my other audience, those who only want to see pictures of Garrett. Here are two of my favorites for the month. Garrett attended the little girl in the background's dress up birthday party. A little hard to tell but he picked out the Superman costume. I love this picture because this is the look of love. Also, I love that his friend is in the background. By the way, she was completely overwhelmed by her party and I think this captured it.

And here we go, my favorite part of being Garrett's Mom right now. These Van's rock! Or a least in my humble opinion they do. Another thing, Garrett is growing! Yipeee. Time to buy new pants but I'm waiting just to buy shorts since the weather should be turning soon.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I know I am right now. As you can see, not much has changed since the last post. We are still working with pictures, visiting the Zoo and attending Birthday Parties. Have a Blessed Easter!


EDITED: I found this picture of my Mom and me at the Zoo - gotta love Photo Freedom!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mon.
I love the bridge with sun/cross picture!! And the one of you and your mom. Hope you are having a great day and congrats on all your work on the 10K+ reduction. Hope to see you soon.
Lisa P