Friday, February 22, 2008

"It's not an emergency, but

do you have time to come back to the school? Garrett doesn't have Floppy." Ms. Megan said

Mommy replies "This is tragic for Garrett." Ms. Megan without hesitation says "Yes." Mommy ends the conversation by saying "I'll bring Hoppy to the school."

As I exit the Freeway I call Mitch to locate Hoppy. You see, Ms. Megan didn't realize that Mommy didn't take Garrett to school this morning. I cross my fingers that Hoppy isn't with Mitch and I won't have to drive all over DFW to calm my son.

This is when I get, as Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story". As Garrett was getting out of the car pool line Mitch realized that Hoppy was missing and tried to warn the teacher. She told him that Garrett would be fine. Little did she know, 10 minutes later they would have to call for an emergency Hoppy drop off. Lucky for me Mitch saved the day by being closer to the house than I was and delivering Hoppy to our son safe and sound.

I think its pretty cool (and a little reassuring) that Mitch and I know our son better than his daytime caregivers. Being a working mom brings so much guilt. What bears greater importance? Is it quality time or quantity of time? Ideally, I would think it's both. But we work with what we've got.

For today, I'll be comforted that we try our best to put our son first, make time to get to know him and love him like crazy.

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